File is too big to manage... How to reduce size?

So a rather simple file of mine went from roughly 200kb to around 15mb.... and I don't know why?  I tried pruge, overkill, audit... to no avail... perhaps someone has some advice on this matter.  It is taking hours to push out the most simple drawings... 

I'm uploading the earlier file (200kb) and the same file a week later  (14mb) for analysis.


Bernie Malaky

YA Metals

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  • Johannes , 

    can you please tell me what is the export import via PSB process?


  • Hi Bernie,

    We have here a short video which will explain it clearly. in this video it is shown exported from AutoCAD layered platform to Power ProStructures. but you can follow the same procedure, just while importing you need to create a new file in AutoCAD layered platform and then can import to it.

    Hope this will resolve your issue.

    By in ProStructures > ProStructures Files

    Sandip kar

    Sandip Kar
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  • one can use PSB Export / Import on the same Platform CAD System to clean the drawing up. Just use Export / Import PSB under V8i PowerProstructures as you don´t have AutoCAD.

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    Johannes Michalowsky

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