Drawing Boarder Insertion and Info association

Good Morning all, 

Alistair I came across your video on Drawing Boarder insertion. The insertion part I can now do. (Thank you)

What I do need a bit of help with is associating the Title Block with the information embedded int he model so that the drawing tables are automatically filled out.

I am using the Bentley standard Title Blocks Johannes pointed me to in the Format folder. (Also thanks)

  1. Can you point me to some resources on how this works?
  2. What the procedure is for insertion and Automatically populating the title block information?
  • Hi Andrew,

    I have here attched a Wiki link from where you will get to know how to link the attributes with the border frame so that data in drawing information table can be automatically populated. hope this will help you to get rid of this.

    In summary

    1. Cretate one shared cell for the Border frame created with attributes
    2. Please note that cell name , tag set name should be same as border frame file name.
    3. keep this frame file to specific frmae folder location.
    4. In FRM file link this border frame.
    5. And then create drawings using DC Express which will give you the result with the drawing information data.

    Please follow the instructions as mentioned in the document provided in the below Wiki link

    Sandip Kar
    Product Engineer - Bentley Systems

  • The automatic flling of information will go via the Drawing information table and via Detail express.

    For The Detail express you find a lot of information in the help file.

    Bentley Structural YouTube Channel

    Johannes Michalowsky
    Product Engineer