NC files from round tubes with incorrect values


I noticed a problem with NC files created from round tubes with holes dirlled in them.

This is what element looks like in the model:

And this is what I get in NC data:

The holes position (red marking) suggests, that these are dimensions after unwrapping the round tube to plate. However, header (violet) describes this part as a round tube.

The result is, that CNC machine displays the element as a round tube and applies the holes according to "unwrapped" dimensions.

I think, either the holes need to be dimensioned as for the round tube (not unwrapped) or the header need to be set as "B" for plates (but then I think the whole profile name should be renamed as for plate).

How to fix this issue?

We need proper NC files for round tubes with holes in them.

Autocad 2016 SP1


(The same is on Autocad 2014/PS