Steel pipe through concrete headwall.

 Detailing a 2200 mm diameter steel pipe going through a concrete headwall. Concrete headwall has top and bottom vertical face and middle tapered face. Steel pipe goes through at a 35 degree angle. Can't find the right tools to be able to cut off the pipe at the outside faces of the headwall and leave the resultant hole in the headwall. Did it quick and easy a month ago and nothing working now.

  • Hello Douglas Wolfe,
    Thanks for posting your query in Bentley Community Forum.
    As far as I understood, you want to cut the concrete the area covered by Pipe. In that case you can use Boolean Subtraction in Modify tool.
    Please do let me know if you still have issue with this.

    Sandip Kar
    Product Engineer - Bentley Systems

  • A Boolean subtraction should work here. Instead of using the pipe for subtraction, which is not working in all cases, you could use a Prosteel primitive, form is cylinder, with a 2200 diameter, and subtract this body. Also you can place your drawing here if the issue persists. If its a full subtraction, you need the 4th icon in the dialog which is for hollow shapes. Many thanks

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    Johannes Michalowsky
    Product Engineer