How to deal with an assemblies and groups

I have received 3d model, there are lots of assemblies and groups into this model.

How to select all assemblies and move them to separate display class (they should be preasemblied in workshop)?

How to select groups only and move them to the separate display class for the further work with them?

I know that i can to check group consistency, then move all single elements to the other display class and i will get gropups and assemblies. Maybe someone knows an easier way to do this.

  • Hello Janz,

    Thanks for posting this query in Bentley Community Forum.

    Yes there is another option to filter the groups via Search Parts tool, where you will finf the Group Structure by which you can select all the groups available in the model.

    Using this you can select all the Groups and using the option "Hide Other Objects" you can hide parts from the model and then by selecting all the Groups you can assign the Display class or any other classification.

    But unfortunately this option is not available for Assemblies. Hope this will help.

    Sandip Kar
    Product Engineer - Bentley Systems