(Element Modification Tool) PolyCut by Polygon in ProStructures Connect Edition not working properly

In the first screenshot, you will see that I am attempting to cut an opening into the top flange of the beam, using the Polycut as shown.  I only want to cut the top flange.  In the second screenshot, this shows the Shape Properties, and the cut is obviously not shown graphically.  The profile of the cut I want, is shown in orange, whereas the cut profile according to the Shape Properties is shown in red, but the cut is not evident or shown correctly.  Of note: When I cut the part using the "Complete" setting in the POSITION box, it works just fine...but I don't want to cut the full beam, just the top flange!

Current version: ProStructures Connect Edition Update 5 - Version

I have used this tool hundreds of times in ProSteel SS10 and older versions, without any issue.  This tool is much faster than using Notches to do the same thing.  I have checked every conceivable setting, config variable and attributes setting and cannot seem to find the fix.  Any help would be appreciated.


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