Prostructures vs AECOSIM

Can someone explain the difference between AECOSIM and Prostructures to me.  I know they're completely different programs, but what is the difference between their purpose? 

-Can you model everything in Prostructures that you can in AECOSIM (structurally at least)?

-Can a Prostructures model be integrated into a multi-discipline AECOSIM model seamlessley?

-Is AECOSIM more for modeling a whole structure but Prostructures is more for detailing?

-Which is easier to model a structure in, Prostructures or AECOSIM. Is there a difference in the modeling ease for Proconcrete or Prosteel? 

-Why are there two separate products?

Currently our drafters only use AECOSIM.  I'm wondering if there are any advantages to Prostructures and if I should ask them to investigate it.


Thanks for your input. 

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