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Please clarify the difference between Power ProSteel and ProSteel Professional.

We have purchase ProSteel Professional on year 2013 from Bentley and it was run in Autocad engine. At that time there was only product in ProSteel i.e Prosteel Professional? When we renewed in 2014  Renewal Advice comes With the product name Power Prosteel. we have renewed Power Prosteel. Now in open licensing system there are many products showing such as Prosteel, ProSteel for AutoCad, ProConcrete, ProConcrete for Autocad etc. Now my question is we are  elegible or using license for which one product?

  • Yes the old product name was Prosteel Professional (AutoCAD based).  

    Nowadays its like this

    Prosteel (Powerproduct, Standalone, no need of CAD base license)

    ProSteel for AutoCAD (AutoCAD based, needs AutoCAD base license)

    In you license manager it should tell
    Prosteel activated

    ProConcrete is Concrete only (Standalone)

    ProConcrete for AutoCAD, is for AutoCAD base

    ProStructure is both products(ProSteel and ProConcrete together) (Standalone)

    Prostructure for AutoCAD, is for AutoCAD base

    If you have switched from AutoCAD base ("ProSteel Professional in former times")
    to Power product you are eligible

    for ProSteel (Standalone)

    The former Prosteel for Microstation (needs Microstation base) is not anymore available.

    Note: older product names (like AutoPlant Structural Detailer) are listed in license manager only for legacy

    See related for activating

    Johannes Michalowsky
    Product Engineer