Running Dimension does not work?

When we try to do a multiple dimension in CONNECT edition, all the running dimensions go to one end & the static dimensions just get placed no where near where I try to place them. This has been an issue for twelve months. We had thought in the latest version this was fixed. BUT GUESS WHAT!!!

Does anyone have a work around as this is costing us lots of dollars....

  • Hello Troy, 

    Thanks for posting your query over the Bentley Community Forum. 
    Please allow us some time to check on this issue and we will get back to you.

    Alistair Lobo

  • Just a general Information about the environment when this manual dimension issue surfaced.

    The issue appeared only in the Au / Nz Workspace when using unscaled Details inserted by Detailcenterexpress.
    Also it seems to be related to the APC workspace not provided by Bentley.

    We made extensive tests with this workspace to get to the bottom cause, the latest test did work accurately with the APC workspace.

    To clarify the issue with the settings and causes used in this case, we have set up a meeting and will contact you directly.  

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    Johannes Michalowsky
    Product Engineer