Object Enablers for Latest ProSteel

I downloaded the latest object enablers but can't seem to find a version of Navisworks in which they function, though I found this handy reference from Sandip. https://communities.bentley.com/products/prostructures/w/structural_drafting_and_detailing__wiki/39238/prostructures-v8i-connect-object-enabler-plug-in-for-autocad-and-other-applications.

What version of Navisworks are we expected to use with ProSteel Object Enabler x64

Otherwise, within Navisworks, how can we passively view ProSteel objects drawn in ProSteel for AutoCAD 2019? We waited through many delays for ProSteel to come out that works on AutoCAD 2019, and now we are still using old versions of everything because it seems like this key component is missing. We need to be able to passively view our ProSteel models in Navisworks as we have in the past.

Is this an oversight, or is there no plan to release object enablers that work with a modern version of Navisworks?

Edit: We are now able to view objects (using Navisworks 2019) generated in ProSteel and AutoPLANT, using PS OE and AP OE A previous test of these same softwares yielded different results and so we will have to test this on more machines before rollout.

Thank You,