Creating concrete partlist issues


I am working with Prostructures (Proconcrete) Connect Edition Update 1 Version I have the following questions that maybe someone can provide answers or comments.

  1. The file/concrete model does not appear to me to be too complex but it is taking approx. 45 minutes to create the concrete partlists .MDB file.
    1. Is this common?
    2. I am assuming it is related to the "Bitmap images" (diagrams) that are being generated. In this case there are 54 images all approx. 3mb. correct or is there another reason?
  2. I have used a couple of different .lst files to create the concrete partlist reports. On these in the 1st column we show the bar diameter/bar designation and the mark number. In the 1st partlist the bar diameter/bar designation is correct. In the 2nd partlist (which used the same .MDB file and data as the 1st partlist), the bar diameter/designation is changed (and is incorrect) but the mass is still being calculated for the correct bar diameter/bar designation.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Files for this include:

RC-Merged_Culvert_With reinforcing_Session 15.dgnBill of reinforcing_Session 15b_Pin Diameter Chart.pdfBill of reinforcing_Session 15b_Bar size Chart_.pdf

  • 1. it took me about 2 min. to create the MDB file. (not released Update 3 V

    2. We will try to replicate the behaviour. As we understand the bar diameter changed when creating, a second time, the report. ?
    We can try to find any error in the process, if possible


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    Johannes Michalowsky
    Product Engineer

  • We verified this issue on PSCE U1

    Observed the issue in Mdb file itself and this might be due to some error in 3d model.


    We can suggest user to remodel or regenerate some RebarSet which having issues, please find the below list of levels of rebar which are recommended to remodel.


    1. CIP_Rebar_Pour 3_Top slab_Top
    2. CIP_Rebar_Pour 3_Top slab_Bottom
    3. CIP_Rebar_Pour 3_Bottom slab_Top
    4. CIP_Rebar_Pour 3_Bottom slab_Bottom


    After remodeling or regenerating, position the rebar again and create the Partlist.

    Bentley YouTube Channel

    Johannes Michalowsky
    Product Engineer