Non-planar Bspline curve


I'm having a problem getting a structural member to follow the path of a Non-Planar Bspline curve.

I have tried inserting a steel beam using the "Place Steel Beam - Primary" with the Place By option set to "Select Path" but I get the message "Non-planar curves are not valid for this command".

It works fine for a Bspline curve that is coplanar but of course mines not.

I sent the dng of the Bspline curve to a colleague of mine and he could place the steel beam as I described above using the Place Steel Beam tool.

 Is there some sort of setting that I am not aware of that I need to change in order to get a structural member to follow the path of a Bspline curve?

I'm using Structural Modeler V8i SELECTseries 1 (version It's the standard install.



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