ProSteelTools SelectSeries 5 for Autocad Version 21.02.2013

Unzip, install, load menu file.
See also Installation_Guide.pdf in the zip

ProSteelTools are a collection of additional tools.

Video Part 1 features:
Show all - unhides all objects
Weight - calculates the weight of all selected objects
Group Display Tool - displays groups based on Positionnumber
Update Group Name Plates - Updates the group name after changing plates as main parts
Swap Main Part - using another part as main part without recreating the group

Video Part 2 features:
Layout Tool - changing display options for all selected objects
Modification Tool - searching, deleting and replacing modifications
Object Based Search - Search tool based on properties of a selected object
Filter Mirrored Objects - Filter for mirrored objects

Video Part 3 features:
Color From Layer - reassigns color based on layer color
Color From Part Family - reassigns colors based on part familiy colors
Export SAT - Export feature for complete model or groups or single parts
Dialog Standard Positions - resets the position of dialogs to default