• Turnout as Civil Cell - Plan/Profile annotation

    Just as an exercise I created a civil cell for turnout that creates the vertical as well.
    French bending method is applied. Main purpose is to give idea not to replace turnout functionality.

    I also added Features/Features Definition to allow quick annotation on plan and profile.
    It can be enhanced to do more.


  • Rail Track (ALG) + OpenRail workflow

    We all know that regression tools are still better in Rail Track (ALG) than in OpenRail and we are looking forward 2020-R3 for new capabilities.

    However, Rail Track SS10, preferred to any other v8i because it includes new licensing system, can do the job.
    Then you can continue modelling in OpenRail.

    So the question is what's happening if I change the geometry in the ALG ?

    As long as you import from the same Geometry…