• Profile Offset Transition

    A command that could help and that you may have missed: the Profile Offset Transition

    The advantage compared to Profile by Vertical Offset From Element is that you keep a geometry and not only linestring.
    Simple usage is to offset a profile (complex or element) to create a new profile above or below existing.
    Example here where I raise the centerline by 50mm above profile created using regression tools.

  • Turnout Bending Method

    I think we must discuss this subject in detail.

    Rail Track or OpenRail users well know the 2 bending methods:

    • Swiss
    • German

    What's the difference? The formula for branch radius.

    • Swiss: R= (Rmain x Rturnout) / (Rmain +/- Rturnout)
    • German: R= (Rmain x Rturnout) - TriangleLength ^ 2 / (Rmain +/- Rturnout)

    It was well documented in Rail Track. It explains why Swiss method introduces non-collinearity in the branch geometry…