• How to create your own command: Create Spiral Between Element (with no Offset)

    Would you like this command without the offset ?

    Remember that you can customize commands so that it will open with your own setting. I didn't find yet how to Save As to create a new command.
    it is easy and fast. Just a right click on the dialog.

    Your settings, or last used command settings, are saved here for 2022R1: C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Bentley\OpenRailDesigner\10.0.0_1\prefs\civil_commands

    The file…

  • Cant Editor

    OpenRail Designer at least until 2022R2

    We know that cant editor must improve: performance, usability, ...

    Meanwhile we can find best way to use:

    • row navigator is quicker than scrolling and you can type the line you were editing after the cant has refreshed and moved to row 1
    • you can also export to csv, as a report, backup, to identify row to edit on long alignments
    • display the minimum number of rows to speed up refresh…