Unable to load, edit or save preference file within Bentley Rail Track


I am unable to open previous preference files when I using Rail Track in a read-write format (installed software Bentley Rail Track v8i SS4, Microstation v8i SS4, Windows 10 OS). BRT explorer indicates that preference file has loaded successfully. The Preferences tab shows that the file has been opened "read-only". When I open preference manager, it does not show the saved preferences. File is loaded from my local drive to which I have read-write access. File properties are set to writeable. I have administrator rights assigned to my windows profile.

When I open the file, a LCK file is created. This file also removes itself when BRT explorer is closed.

I was able to open, edit and save changes to preference files 2-3 business days ago. I have checked whether there is an issue with the preference file itself by testing on another users machine and have confirmed that the issue appears to be unique to the configuration on my primary machine.

Manually setting the preference file to read-write within the preference tab in the BRT explorer yields the same result.

 All other tools within BRT appear to be working satisfactorily.

 Can any shed light on what might be causing this issue?



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