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I am new to OpenRail ConceptStation.  Although I see it's potential, the program has its flaws.  One of the problems I cannot figure out is how to add nodes when creating a multi-track template.  My objective is to create a template that has three tracks, one 14 feet away from the CL of the center track and one 15 feet away from the CL of the center track (in the opposite side of the first).

When making a template for bridges with tracks on them, I was able to add nodes using the "Divided Origin" option under "Components".  But when I try to do this same process for Multi-Track/corridor, the "Divided Origin" option is present, but when I select it nothing happens/appears.

Attached are two screenshots.  One is the section view of the "Bridge" template; I was able to create for a bridge with two tracks because the "Divided Origin" worked.  The other attachment is the screenshot of the "Divided Origin" NOT working when building a "Multi-Track" template.

In essence, "Divided Origin" works when constructing a bridge template but not when creating a multi-track/corridor template.

More generally, is there a way to add more nodes?


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  • Hello Vincent;

    Rail version has a Multitrack tool for this purpose. So if you have a multitrack section please use the tool, do not try to create an template. Divided Origin component is for road templates. Multitrack tool requires a track template and a corridor template. Corridor template typically represents subbalast layer and end conditions. It is wide enough to accommodate multiple tracks. Track template on the other hand represents the ballast layer and is only for a single track. These templates are merged into a single corridor template by using to multiple track tool. For this reason, existing templates in the library, inside the multi track folder, has flat bottom and top regions (so they will fit each other). Yard tool is also similar to this workflow and essentially converts a single track section into a multitrack.

    The workflow is defined this way (instead of using a single template) so that program has greater flexibility in adding turnouts to individual tracks and also enable adding electrification more easily. If you are placing a tunnel or bridge you should select the underlying Corridor template.