Side slope annotation for Cut & Fill batters.

Hi All,

I have 150km corridor required Cut & Fill batters annotation in OpenRail.

I have created 3D linear annotation for each batter top and bottom strings using different feature definitions .

but batter slope annotations are not working effectively.

Kindly suggest any other options available for side slope annotation or  options for shading with transparent solid hatch.

Thanks - Raghu

  • Do you have an annotation group set for side slope annotation?

    Typically an annotation group (linear 3D) must be defined for the top (or the bottom) where you defined the style and feature definition to search for, in this case bottom (or top).

    However you can face some issue if applying this on 150km. You can split design in smaller corridors.
    Something we are currently working on. I hope next release (targeted May 2021) will fix all issues with side slope annotation.

  • Hi Jean Pierre, 

    Thanks for your prompt response, really appreciate it.

    Yes I have created bunch of  linear 3D annotation groups for each point feature definition in template and the total corridor is split into 23 sections (another painful exercise as OpenRail is keep on crashing for corridors more than 10km length). Problem with side slope annotation is its working partially in bits and pieces along the corridor covering very small areas. 

    We are looking for other options to solid hatch cut and fill, even it is not happening as the 3D mesh is not able to convert into solid hatch or not creating any boundary before or after exploding. 

  • I encourage you to log a service request. Even I know something should happen next release with side slope, it is always good to track all issues. Meanwhile V8i functionality could be use or 3rd party tools on top of OpenRail. Of course it is not what I would like to answer but job must be done.

  • Hi, 

    I am using OpenRail Designer 2021 Release 2, . I tried to do side slope annotations  following

    I tried it more than 50 times, but not able to draw the Side Slope Annoations for Cut & Fill Earthworks Slope.

    I have raised a service request in this regard, but it is very painfull not able to do it for the design deliver. 

    I am a MX Road user since last 20 years, I have never faced such issues with MX Road software.  I do not able to undserstand why Bentley is not able to fix this side slope annotation for Open Road or OpenRail perfectly.


    Babulal Sahu

  • We should have a look on your specific file. Could you provide SR number?
    From my test it looks to work well. But I have short simple corridor.

    You must ensure to annotate from top to bottom, the other way it doesn't work. It is working as designed.
    Below the result of annotation in 3D model. I have annotation between EC at ground level and edge of platform and also both side of the ditch on the right side.