Horizontal and Vertical Multiple Regression ORLD 2021-R1

Hello,  I've tested the new functionality of horizontal multiple regression of ORLD 2021-R1 and I've compared with the same regression performed in BRT SS2 and the results are quite similar and workflow is so easy in ORLD.  Congratulations to developers! 

But... I was disappointed when I tried to find the same precess for vertical multiple regression, it is not possible to perform this procedure as in BRT.  For example, I have regressed two vertical lines, and I have to insert a parabola between them fited to regression points. Now, can do it only with an interactive and repetitive process until the right solution is found. I think it would be very easy wtih a tool like Geometry Connector for vertical geometry.  Do you have planned to develop something like this?  This procedure exists in BRT.

Returning to horizontal multiple regression, in Geometry Connector tool, currently it is possible to set free the length of the first and last element, but it would be very useful if we can introduce manually the length of these elements like in Multiple Regression of BRT.

And the last question, when we create de horizontal regression line from rails, the commad asks if we want to show the existing cant on curvature diagram view, what is the line that represents the cant? Is it possible to create a report or graphical query of this cant? or assign it to an existing alignment?


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