Vertical regression points incomplete


I have an issue when doing vertical regression. Whenever I create a vertical regression line I most often miss out on vertical regression points in the profile window. The results alter from time to time but most of the time some are missing and I'm not sure what setting affects this.

The workflow I have been using for the example below is as follows: imported points from reference, created a regression line, created lines/arcs with single horizontal regression, created a complex element from all elements, complex spiral between to connect lines and circulars with spirals. At this point I'm trying to create a profile with vertical regression points using the complex geometry and the previously created regression line. This results in most of the vertical regression points not being displayed in the profile window. Please see the screen capture below:

I want to know why this happens and what I can do to get all vertical regression points in the profile.

I am using the terrain and points from the example/training. The version is OpenRail Designer 2021 R2.


John A.