Drawing production with Only read file

Hello all,

I have updated software in March/2022. 

The referenced file going through the drawing production and at the end this came up to me.

Any suggestions?

Thank you, Lenka

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  • One normal workflow for Xsections drawing production is:

    1. Create new drawing based on 2D seed file (to create civil managed models) or 2D+3D
    2. If 3D model does not exist use one way to make it created: reference terrain model and set it active, or create a line and assign elevation, etc.
    3. In the 2D model, reference alignment along which you want to create Xsections. If the alignment 3D model also exists, it is automatically referenced in the 3D model of the current file
    4. Reference required 3D models in the 3D model
    5. Create named boundaries starting from the 2D model (3D model also opened in a view if you want ot see the result and being able to produce drawings/sheets)

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