Placing rails and sleepers in Openail on a geometry imported from .alg file

Greetings everyone,

I have a vexing problem with Openrail regarding placement of rails and sleepers.

I imported track geometry (horizontal, vertical geometry, the works) into openrail. The purpose is on the basis of this geometry to create a 3D model which contains rails, sleepers, obstacle clearance poles between two merging tracks and track barriers.

To create rails and sleepers, I am using create rails and sleepers tools instead of corridor modelling tools.

Something interesting happens. Normally, for a given 3D track geometry (3D line), one is not oblidged to create rails and sleepers along its entire length, but only for part of it, as long as there is a corresponding 3D geometry. In my case, this works for almost all tracks that I have to design in 3D. However, this is not the case for some tracks. I am placing rails for a section of a track, which works fine. But when I am attempting to place sleepers for this particular section, the program places sleepers instead in a totally different position of the 3D geometry and only towards the end of it, outside of the section defined by 3D rails. The interesting thing is that when one choses to place sleepers on the same geometry from start to finish (lock to start and end) the program places sleepers along the entire 3D section, including the section defined by 3D rails without any problem.

In short, for some tracks, partial placement of sleepers does not work correctly but placing of sleepers from start to finsih works.

1) Is there any way to solve this?

2) Is there a way to cut/trim/remove the unecessary elements from 3D model in ORD?

//Filipp Zarov  

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