Create a profile from a 3D element

Greetings everyone, I am trying to create two profile lines which describe the upper and lower surface of a tunnel.I tried to use quick profile from surface, as well as profile by 3D element but it does not seem to work. Tried also with dgn and dwg, as reference or merge into master.

Am I missing something? Should one begin from a 2D or a 3D view? What are the requirements?

The model used as a base is a 3D describing a tunnel for metro.

Thank you in advance.

Filipp Zarov

  • If you have edges in the provided mesh/solid that are representing upper/lower surface where you want (along Alignment), then we can import mesh/solid and extract edge and use.

    If you want to create profile on surface, then you must import mesh (or solid that you wil have to convert to mesh) and add feature definition.

    2 options in mind, 1 is certainly the best:

    1. create a template with simple end condtion seeking terrain vertically to the top, and another one for the bottom
      use target aliasing where you can add the featurized imported mesh
    2. You are able to split mesh with top and bottom surfaces you can use to create terrain model.

  • In addition, you could convert the object to a Mesh (if it isn't already) and assign a feature definition with a "Design" Volume type. You can then use the "Terrain from Design Meshes" tool to automatically get a top and bottom Terrain.



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