Extent of the functionality of 3D cut

Greetings everyone,

Here comes another question regarding a tool called 3D cut (profile tool).

Here we have a 3D. Small greens elements are tunnels and the big one is a station. Track in circle is the one used as base to create the 3D cut in profile. Right of the track offset is negative and on the left is positive.

Here is how it lookis in the profile. The offest cut has been made at a distance of 8.5m from the track

If one goes to the profile references to find the cut reference one can go to the presentation section 

There there are several clip volume settings, forward, back and outside.

I guess that depending on the option one chooses, one can show what is happening left or right of the cut,

The question i have is how much back or forward does the cut can show? In general is it possible to clarify the functionality of these functions?

Thank you in advance.

//Filipp Zarov

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