• Screencast 007 - Base Plate Design in RAM Connection v7.0

    The Bentley Structural screencast has been on a very long hiatus. But it is back with a new video on an exciting new addition to RAM Connection: base plate design. This feature has long been requested by you users and in this screencast, I'll give you an overview on how to design two different types of base plate connections:

    • Column Base Plate
    • Gusset Base Plate

    So, please check out the following video to see…

  • RAM Concept V8i (SELECTseries 5) Release 4.0 is Now Available

    This week included the release of the latest version of RAM Concept, Bentley's solution for the analysis and design of floor slabs and mats for both reinforced and prestressed concrete. This latest version comes with new tools and properties for tendons, a "check only" option in design, automatic hook tool, and improved interoperability with RAM Structural System.

    New Tendon Layers and Tools

    New tendon layers…

  • STAAD.Pro & AutoPIPE V8i's New Seamless Integration Technology


    Last month saw the release of updates to two of Bentley's engineering applications: STAAD.Pro and AutoPIPE. Both programs are popular in plant engineering environments and now these two products work together to seamlessly allow structural and pipe stress engineers to exchange and update model data.

    Better tools for collaboration across disciplines are increasingly important to companies facing shorter schedules…