• Overview of the many ways to use RAM Connection V8i

    RAM Connection V8i can used as a standalone tool for the design of a wide variety of steel connections. Bentley Application Engineer, Kim Olson, demonstrates how to design a simple shear connection as well as a lateral connection in this brief video.


    Integration with RAM Elements V8i

    RAM Connection is also available for the design of the same wide variety of connections from within RAM Elements…

  • Integrated Structural Modeling v2 Now Available

    We have just released v2 of Bentley's Integrated Structural Modeling—or ISM—technology with Structural Synchronizer V8i (SELECTseries 2), which is now available for download from Software Downloads, along with several new ISM v2 compatible Bentley engineering and drafting applications.

    What is ISM?

    ISM is a technology which allows for structural data exchange, revision tracking, model visualization,…