• AISC 360-10 Wide Flange Warping Constant Calculation

    In August this year, we were excited to announce the release of STAAD.Pro SS4.  As with all releases and where we introduce new design codes, we put it through a series of tests to make sure that we achieved the goal of making the code available in time for the release, but unfortunately a number of issues slipped through which we addressed in a patch we posted a few weeks back.

    However, since then it has come to light…

  • STAAD.Pro V8i SELECTseries 4 Patch Release

    In August this year, we released SELECTseries 4 of STAAD.Pro V8i. The
    main enhancement included in this release was the introduction of the latest
    AISC 360-10 steel design code. However, this did not include a few features
    that were found to be required by many users that use the AISC code and has led
    to production of a new patch release which is now available on the Bentley
    SELECT servers. The key issues addressed include…