• STAAD.Pro V8i SELECTseries 4 QA&R

     I am excited to announce the latest new release of the STAAD.Pro V8i SELECTseries 4 QA&R has been published on the Bentley SELECT server and is now available for download.

    The new release has undergone not only the stringent quality assurance programme that all STAAD.Pro releases go through, but also additional QA processes required for applications that are to be used on nuclear projects, notably the specific 10CFR21…

  • Column Stiffeners: More Options in RAM Connection

    Come and visit RAM Inside OUT, by Ann Marie Garko-Hill, PE!

    The most recent post will explain all the column stiffener options in RAM Connection.

    I am interested in your questions or modeling conundrums.  Is there a feature you want to know more about?  Is there framing you are having a hard time modeling? 
    Send me an email (annmarie.garkohill@bentley.com) or comment to this post and I will blog about it.

  • More Tips for RAM users

    Have you been following the RAM Inside OUT by Ann Marie Garko-Hill, PE Blog?

    Learn how to finalize your slab design for an RSS model,  use ISM for more than just integration, and shorten your time reviewing results in RAM Elements.


    I am also eager to hear from users.  Is there something you are trying to model but isn't quite working?  Send me an email (annmarie.garkohill@bentley.com)  and I will blog…