• RAM Structural System V8i Release 14.06 New Features and Enhancements

    Several significant enhancements and features have been implemented in RAM Structural System V8i SELECTseries 5 Release 14.06. This version is now available. Some of the new features are listed below.

    64 bit Version

    A 64 bit version of the program is now available. This allows for very large models, and provides a significant increase in the speed of analysis of large models.


    Trust Licensing

    The licensing for…

  • RAM Concrete Analysis - Column Load Comparison with Hand Calculations

    When comparing your hand calculations of column loads with those reported by Ram Concrete Analysis - Column Design Forces, firstly one needs to run the model with Live Load Reduction switched off as he has might have tried to compare the values of Live Load, with Live Load Reduction applied, taken from the RSS to hand calculations with no Live Load Reduction taken into account. If you run the model with Live Load Reduction…

  • RAM Elements 2D Truss Side Bracing

    I would propose to use a node restraints to model the side bracing in 2D truss:

  • RAM Concept Status Bar

    The program status information bar shows the current memory usage can be used by Concept:





  • STAAD.Pro File From Network Drive

    When opening STAAD.Pro model from the network drive, the following message may come up:

    A lot of the engine code in STAAD is written FORTRAN, and FORTRAN file I/O demands a certain I/O throughput. If system cannot perform (due to network speed or something else), FORTRAN file handler behaves erratic and the file may not open/save/analyze. 
    Another reason why one cannot properly run the file is that it may be already…