• New Release of STAAD Foundation Advanced CONNECT Edition

    A new release of the CONNECT Edition of STAAD Foundation Advanced (SFA) is now available. The build number of this release is

    The principal enhancements of this new release are:

    1. A new licensing system known as CONNECT Licensing. To know more about this new system, visit CONNECT Licensing Updates

    2. The ACI 318 code for nearly all major foundation types in the program has been updated to the 2014 edition…

  • STAAD Advanced Concrete Design (SACD/RCDC) 8.0.0

    We pleased to announce a major release of STAAD Advance concrete design (RCDC) CONNECT edition. 

    The ACI 318M-2014 code is now available. Crack-width check as per ACI 224R-01 is being incorporated in this release.

    To find out more about the features added in this release, refer the attached release note.

  • New Release - RCDC FE CONNECT EDITION version 3 (

    I am pleased to announce a new release of RCDC FE .

    Few important features are,

    1. Connect Licensing.

    2. Automatic identification of Long Term deflection zones for Flat slabs.

    3. Exciting new feature for reinforcement Mesh Coverage editing for optimization.

    4. Ductile detailing for Flat slabs as per ACI318M:2011.

    Please refer the attachment for release note on updated features and enhancements.

  • New Release - STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition version 22 (

    I am excited to announce a new major release of STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition Version 22.

    As part of our commitment to you to deliver new builds more frequently, we are making available this version which adds great new functionality to improve efficiency for engineers around the world and has resolved numerous issues that have been reported and thus highly recommend that this version is adopted to improve your working experience…