• New Release - STAAD.Pro 2023 1

    We have published a new build of STAAD.Pro 2023 which is recommended for all users who is licensing their version of STAAD.Pro with a Practitioner license or make use of producing a Word  report from Section Wizard .  

    This new build addresses an issue discovered in the New Report tool that would cause the application to terminate when using a practitioner license. A second issue that would terminate the application when…

  • New Release - RCDC (SACD) V2023 (

    We are pleased to announce the release of RCDC (STAAD Advanced Concrete Design / SACD) version 2023 ( This is a minor release that consists of the following features,

    • Beam Ductile detailing Enhancement – All design codes – The area of reinforcement provided is used in all cases to satisfy all ductile member-related detailing requirements in the beam module.
    • Column effective length factor Enhancements…