2022 Bentley Bash

The 2022 Bentley Bash, hosted by the Southern California Bentley Users Group, is taking place on Friday, January 21 and Saturday, January 22. This is a free, virtual event. Classes include lectures and hands-on workshops, on Bentley software including MicroStation, ProjectWise, Synchro, OpenBuildings Designer, and more. Of notable interest to Structural Engineers there will be two classes on Saturday taught by Allen Adams, P.E., S.E., Chief Structural Engineer:

RAM Structural System: What is it Thinking?!? The RAM Structural System simplifies and automates the process of analyzing and designing buildings, allowing engineers to focus on using their engineering judgement and experience to create elegant and efficient designs, rather than spending time on the mundane, tedious and time consuming tasks that are a large part of the process. Software shouldn’t be a black box. In this session you will learn about the powerful and unique algorithms and analysis methods used by the program, key assumptions they are based on, and user-specifiable criteria that can be used to customize and refine the resulting designs. This session will include technical discussions on various structural engineering topics. This knowledge will enable you to use these powerful features more effectively and correctly, with greater confidence in the resulting designs.

RAM Structural System: Tips for Better Modeling, Analysis, and Design, The RAM Structural System is special-purpose powerful software for modeling, analyzing, and designing building structures. This is a hands-on session in which you will use the program to modify and create more refined structural models, specify parameters and criteria used by the program in its analysis and design procedures, and customize the design results to conform to your design preferences. After attending this session you will be better able to quickly create and modify complex models, properly analyze building structures, and obtain more accurate steel and concrete member designs. This session is recommended for anyone with any level of experience using the program, beginner to advanced. If you are new to the RAM Structural System it is recommended that you review the first three chapters and work through the fourth chapter (on model creation) of the RAM Tutorial manual (supplied with the program).

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