Announcing the QuickStart for Structural Engineers using STAAD.Pro Learning Path

Today we announce the availability of a new learning path for users of STAAD.Pro. This complimentary learning is built from the ground up for Structural Engineers and teaches the most common workflows to generate structural geometry. In 4 hours, a new user can quickly get started and reach a basic level of mastery.

In 2 short courses you will learn how to:

  • Model Beams, Columns, and Braces
  • Model Finite Elements
  • Generate a Finite Element Mesh

You can complete your QuickStart learning in one of three ways that match your learning preference. You can register for a live class in the virtual classroom. You can complete the on-demand learning. Or you can try out our new blended learning option that combines the video lectures of on-demand with hands-on practice with an instructor in the virtual classroom.

Learn more and get started today with your complimentary QuickStart.