Changes to Licensing in STAAD.Pro V8i SS5- Part 2, European Super Codes

This is the second of two articles that explain some significant changes that have taken place in the SELECTseries  5 release of STAAD.Pro V8i.

One of the strengths of STAAD.Pro has been its wealth of design codes from across the globe.  To help reduce costs to clients, these have been licenced in packages called design code packs, typically around a regional zone, so that only the design codes for a region can be added when required. 

With European countries moving to the adoption of Eurocodes and working more openly across the European Union, this has led to a growing requirement of having a range of European regional license code packs and Eurocode licenses.  Previously this meant having to manage up to 6 different design code packs for various European designs that could prove expensive and cumbersome to organise. 

So in the SS5 release this has been simplified to 2 Super Codes which pull together all the design capabilities of the regional design code packs and add the Eurocode design capability.

The ECC Super Code pack combines the design capabilities of the previous three Eurozone code packs with the Eurocode design capabilities and the UK Super Code pack combines the capabilities of the two previous UK design code packs, standard and specialized, also with the Eurocode design capabilities.    

The additional scope provided by the Super Code comes with a small premium over the non super code packs, but this is in many cases offset by a reduction in the overall number of licenses that need to be covered by subscription.  With the range of options available to a STAAD.Pro user, almost every portfolio will be different, so the impact on each individual user can be different, however to illustrate the change, this is best explained with a couple of examples:-


A designer working on UK projects would typically have the UK standard and Eurocode license packs to provide their design needs for current and older projects.  However this requires two licenses and limits the scope of UK designs available in STAAD.Pro


With the new UK super code, the two older licenses are replaced with a single license which provides design capabilities for all UK codes supported in STAAD.Pro.  Thus there is an increase in capability and a reduction in cost.

A larger organisation working in the Eurozone holding multiple copies of STAAD.Pro with a number of Eurozone code packs, Eurocode code packs and US code packs has again a limited scope for design across mainland Europe.

Here the Eurozone and Eurocode licenses are combined into ECC Super code licenses that provide additional design scope and also reduce the overall number of licenses held which may result in an overall reduction in subscription cost.  Where there is no overall reduction in licenses, then there will be a small increase in subscription, but it is important to recognise the wealth of additional capabilities being provided as described above.


 Questions and Answers

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers which should help in the transition to the Super Codes

  • When will I get my Super Codes?

    • This will happen at your next contract renewal, based on your current portfolio.


  • I want the benefits of Super Codes now, can I get my licenses upgraded now?

    • Yes, that can be done. Contact your account manager and ask for the appropriate STAAD Super Codes to be added to your contract.


  • How many Super codes will I get and will they be UK or ECC Super Codes?

    • This will happen at contract renewal and is based on your current portfolio

    • You will be offered as many UK Super Codes as the maximum of your current STAAD GB Standard, STAAD GB Special and Eurocode packs.

    • You will be offered as many ECC Super Codes as the maximum of your current STAAD Eurozone, STAAD N. Eurozone, STAAD E. Eurozone and Eurocode license packs.


  • How can I run European designs before I get the Super Code?

    • STAAD.Pro V8i SS5 requires Super code licenses to drive designs to European codes, so until you have Super Codes added to your portfolio use STAAD.Pro V8i SS4.

    • Note that SS5 uses trust licensing which means that until you add the Super Codes to your portfolio, you will be able to run European designs in trial mode for a short period after which you must have the super code license on your SELECT server and the license must be activated.


  • What is happening to the older European design code licenses?

    • These are being retired, clearly though we recognise that they will be needed to drive earlier versions of STAAD.Pro that may be used on older projects, thus they can be kept in your portfolio for an agreed time with your account manager


  • Eurocode design is supported by ECC and UK Super Codes, how do I know which pack I need?

    • It does not matter, either will be fine. The choice should be on which would provide the greatest extra benefit, either UK or Eurozone design capabilities.


  • My portfolio has both ECC and UK Super Codes, when I design to Eurocodes which one will be logged for usage?

    • That will be handled by Bentley. Eurocode designs will be logged as Eurocode usage, this will then be added to any free ECC or UK Super code usage available.


Note that the first part of this article refers to the changes that have taken place in the licensing of STAAD.Pro with V8i SS5,