Featured LEARN Course: Designing Steel Members according to the ASIC 360 Direct Analysis Method

AISC 360 gives requirements for the analysis and design of steel structures. One method of obtaining a valid analysis is the Direct Analysis Method. While not a single prescribed analysis technique, rather, it is a methodology consisting of a set of requirements that affect criteria, member stiffness, analysis methodology, loads and load combinations. With Bentley’s “Designing Steel Members according to the ASIC 360 Direct Analysis Method”, you will learn how to:

• Take advantage of RAM Frame’s ability to accurately generate steel load combinations according to the AISC 360 Direct Analysis Method, which will automatically include the application of notional loads.

• Specify all of the appropriate parameters in RAM Frame required for steel design for the AISC 360, including P-Δ (P-large delta) and P-δ (P-small delta) effects.

• Utilize the AISC 360 Direct Analysis Validation Report to ensure confidence in the RAM Frame lateral steel member design.


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