Featured LEARN Course: Generating Seismic Loads

STAAD.Pro users who work on the design of steel buildings will benefit from two courses designed to help you more efficiently complete project requirements and more effectively incorporate all code requirements.

“Generating Seismic Loads” addresses the code requirements of the IBC Equivalent Lateral Force Procedure. Learn how to:

    • Create a Seismic Load Definition that will instruct STAAD.Pro to calculate the seismic loads according to the IBC Equivalent Lateral Force Procedure, considering all relevant code parameters.
    • Understand all program requirements for applying seismic loads to the structure, including where to apply a Perform Analysis command and a Change command within the command structure.
    • Build seismic load cases that incorporate all possible scenarios for applying the seismic loads to the structure, including accidental torsional eccentricities and orthogonal effects.
    • Model all seismic weights to accurately calculate the base shear of the structure.

“Generating Wind Loads” addresses the ASCE 7 Main Wind Force Resisting System code requirements. Click here to learn more.