Featured LEARN Courses: Interoperability with AECOsim Building Designer for STAAD.Pro or RAM

Did you know Bentley offers a technology for sharing structural engineering project information across different structural modeling, analysis, design, drafting and detailing applications? It’s called Bentley’s Integrated Structural Model (ISM) and you can learn more about how to apply this technology in two new courses:

“Interoperability with AECOsim Building Designer and STAAD.Pro through ISM”

“Interoperability with AECOsim Building Designer and RAM Structural System through ISM”


By sharing structural information between different applications, you’ll be able to:

• Save time by avoiding duplicating modeling steps in each product.

• Create an accurate finished product that can detect any clashes during the design phase instead of during the construction phase. 

• Utilize modeling techniques that will allow structural data to pass successfully between each product.


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