Important Takeaways from the Performing a Direct Analysis session at the Bentley LEARNing Conference – Charlotte, North Carolina

What a great session! I just completed my Performing a Direct Analysis session, where I covered the how to incorporate the requirements for a direct analysis into STAAD.Pro for a steel building structure. A lot was covered and a number of questions came up – here are a few important takeaways from the session I hope you’ll remember:

  • Creating the Direct Analysis Load Definition
  • Generating Load Combinations (including Notional Loads)
  • Specifying the Direct Analysis Command

It was a pleasure to share my knowledge and expertise with everyone that attended my session during the Bentley LEARNing Conference. Thank you for making it a fantastic session.

If you did not have the opportunity to attend this event, please stay posted as there will be more coming in the near future.

Thanks and see you next time!