Join an Early Access Program to unleash the power of cloud analysis in STAAD.Pro

NOW LIVE, you can be one of the first to discover the power of cloud analytics. Sign up now for a FREE Early Access Program to Bentley CONNECT Scenario Services. Using STAAD.Pro V8i SS5 and later, you can now run your STAAD.Pro models securely on the cloud enabling you to achieve faster runs (freeing up your desktop resources) and investigate and compare various scenarios on the same model. "Optioneer" with your models and compare and contrast them along various axes like weight vs story drift or steel cost vs lateral displacement. Click on this link and register by clicking on the 'Try it for Free' link!

 There are a number of videos available where you can see the various functionality and benefits that it can deliver. Simply click on this to see the first on logging in from STAAD.Pro in YouTube.