New Release - RCDC (SACD) Connect Edition V11 Update5 (

We are pleased to announce the release of RCDC (STAAD Advanced Concrete Design / SACD) version This is a minor release that consists of the following features,

  1. ‘Update Pile-cap Design’ functionality in the Pile-cap module with a new analysis file- All Design codes
  2. The current footing design logic improved to accommodate axial force from columns that are tensile and when stability checks are performed
  3. General improvements in various modules of the ACI 318-2011 code
  4. 13mm rebar diameter added for the Euro code
  5. Cantilever beam to be ignored in the joint check of ductile column design
  6. Logic improvement in the shear design of the tank slab to satisfy the check

To find out more about these features and other enhancements, please refer to the attached release notes.


SACD(RCDC)_Release Note - 11.05.00.pdf