New Release - RCDC (SACD) Connect Edition V11 Update6 (

We are pleased to announce the release of RCDC (STAAD Advanced Concrete Design / SACD) version This is a minor release that consists of the following features,

  1. Ductile column & Beam Joint check – Beams with end release have been Ignored – All codes
  2. Column PM Interaction curve Presentation – 2D PM curve added– All codes
  3. Column and Wall – Option to set maximum diameter for shear links – All codes
  4. The beam is identified as non-Ductile if the beam is released at any one of the ends – All codes
  5. Beam separate input for the side clear cover – All codes
  6. Cantilever beam bottom reinforcement detailing without maximum spacing check if the bending moment is zero.
  7. Update the design if the Footing Design file is created through the pedestal design
  8. Optimizing the shear reinforcement provided in the beam if ductile, torsion and other spacing criteria are governing

To find out more about these features and other enhancements, please refer to the attached release notes.

SACD(RCDC)_Release Note - 11.06.00.pdf