New Release - STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition Update 1 (

I am very happy to announce the launch of the first update to the CONNECT Edition of the popular STAAD.Pro analysis and design application.

To find out more about the features that were added in the previous release click on this link.

As part of our commitment to you to deliver new builds more frequently, we are making available this build which provides a number of updates and addresses a number of issues that have been recorded and thus highly recommended that you adopt this new build.


The principal developments and enhancements that are delivered in this new version of STAAD.Pro are:-

New 64-bit GUI.

The success of the 64-bit analysis solver delivered with the initial CONNECT Edition release has been rolled into the GUI which is now built as a full 64-bit application which means that STAAD.Pro CE is better at handlining larger more complex models.


Improved Analytical Workflow

Following feedback from users we have added a few tools that improve the efficiency of creating and using the new CONNECT Edition UI. This includes:-

  • A Quick Access Toolbar on the application title bar
  • Customisable quick access toolbar on the graphics window accessed with the spacebar.
  • Context based View control bar accessed with a ‘Shift + right click’
  • Improved smart Load Selection in the Loading ribbon.


Improved Physical Model Workflow

The addition of a model integrity check tool reflect capabilities that have been available in the analytical workflow and earlier versions of STAAD.Pro such as identifying isolated, duplicated or overlapping entities. Additionally, identify separated isolated models.

Activated Piping Model Workflow

Engineers working on industrial projects have found great efficiencies in design from using the integration of the pipe model. This capability which was available in the V8i edition has been reactivated in the CONNECT Edition using an enhanced SQLite database.

Note that V8i databases should be updated to the new format with a DB update tool  


Enhanced ProjectWise Integration

As more engineers work in a distributed environment with colleagues around the office, region or world, having data coordinated becomes vital. ProjectWise provides a managed environment which allows control and a more efficient process that is becoming central to many engineering organisations. The integration now offered with STAAD.Pro extends the simple STD model integration to allow the full solution including results and ancillary data, to be packaged up and checked into the managed datasource giving confidence that the team is working with consistent data.


Technical Preview Features

Additional design codes have been added in the program for

  • Steel design to AISC 360-16
  • Concrete design to ACI 318-14


Revision History

No additional features have been added to the program, however a number of issues found in the earlier releases and have been addressed. For details of the issues see the revision history document that is included in the ReadMe and can also be found here.