New Release - STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition Update 2 (

I am pleased to announce a new updated posting of STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition Update 2.

As part of our commitment to you to deliver new builds more frequently, we are making available this build which addresses a number of issues that have been reported and thus it is highly recommended that you adopt this new build, particularly if designing with to the ACI 318-14 code where the design and output format have been significantly improved.

To find out more about the features that were added in the previous release of STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition Update 2, ( click on this link.

Note that if you are already using STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition, you should be notified of the new build with the Bentley CONNECTION Client.



Revision History

No additional features have been added to the program, however the Revision History document details the issues that have been addressed and as with all builds is included in the ReadMe file which can be accessed from the Help section of the application and can also be found here.