New Release - STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition version 22 (

I am excited to announce a new major release of STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition Version 22.

As part of our commitment to you to deliver new builds more frequently, we are making available this version which adds great new functionality to improve efficiency for engineers around the world and has resolved numerous issues that have been reported and thus highly recommend that this version is adopted to improve your working experience.

The principal developments and enhancements that are delivered in this new version of STAAD.Pro are:-


CONNECT Licensing

Ensuring that our users are able to work efficiently and productively is paramount to the way STAAD.Pro has been developed over the years. Ensuring that the program is properly licensed and operates within the requirements of a company policy has resulted in Bentley developing a new licensing system that allows more of your company control to be applied giving you the necessary entitlements and set thresholds to prevent over use. Additionally, it provides you with a way to tailor learning content to help you become ever more experienced in all the aspects of the program that are relevant to you.

From the outside there is very little difference other than you may now get notifications relating to your entitlement or threshold that can provide a safety net in reducing the chances of overuse leading to a term licensing.


As part of this exercise, the licensing schema has been reformatted and should result in a smoother operation when using multiple STAAD.Pro modules and additional licenses that unlock additional features and capabilities in the program.


Note that usage logs are regularly posted to the license servers when using Bentley software. This is required to maintain the correct usage information and aids in preventing over-usage which could result in the generation of a term license. if you are unable to supply the usage logs within 7 days, previously STAAD.Pro would terminate. With this release, the program will be able to run, but only with restricted set of capabilities until the logs have been successfully uploaded.



Steel AutoDrafter Workflow (*)

Many STAAD.Pro models are used for generating general arrangement drawings using a variety of convoluted techniques. With this release of STAAD.Pro, we have added in a new workflow that allows you to take your model and produce drawings at the click of button.

Also quickly estimate the cost of projects by obtaining a material take off.

(*) This feature is included with all versions of STAAD.Pro that are maintained with a current subscription program.


Note: This was included in STAAD.Pro CE Update 3 as a Technical Preview feature but is now a fully commercial feature.


Building Planner Workflow

When creating building structures, the best method is to use a system that can quickly construct a model from a collection of regular plans that can be reused, automatically generated from DXF drawings, or built with a range of simple tools. Building Planner gives you that capability along with a number of load generation tools and techniques that can improve efficiency in model creation. 


(*) This feature was previously licensed with a separate Building Planner license, but is now included in STAAD.Pro for all users that are maintained with a current subscription program.


Note: This was included in STAAD.Pro CE Update 3 as a Technical Preview feature but is now a fully commercial feature.


Advanced Concrete Design

This powerful concrete design and detailing module developed as a standalone application to rapidly design frame structures to a variety of codes and produce detailed production drawings, has been a growing success

With STAAD.Pro CE V22, this powerful module is now included with a STAAD.Pro Advanced license. So a large complex concrete framed model can be solved faster and now designed with a single license.



Updated Japanese Steel Design

A number of modifications have been implemented to align with the specific requirements of the regional engineers including a more optimized design for circular hollow sections, a more rigorous test of the limiting width/thickness of the elements of sections as prescribed in Chapter 8 of the AIJ codes, redefined checks for slenderness on members in compression and tension and the inclusion of a new parameter MBG to allow the major axis properties of wide flange and channel used in the design to be determined without including the properties of the web of the profile.


Russian Wind Dynamic Loading Enhancement (Technical Preview)

An optional parameter ORT has been added to the command that is used to calculate dynamic wind loading to the Russian wind code SP 20.1330.2016. When set, this option enhances the dynamic load effect determined from a static wind load at each loaded node with additional values for effects in the orthogonal directions.


Note this is only currently implemented as a feature in the analysis engine and currently not supported by the GUI.



Note that as this is a new major version you will not be notified of the new build with the Bentley CONNECTION Client.


Revision History

The Revision History document details the issues that have been addressed and as with all builds is included in the ReadMe file which can be accessed from the Help section of the application and can also be found here.