New Release- RCDC Connect Edition V9 Update-4


We are pleased to announce a release of RCDC (STAAD Advanced Concrete Design / SACD) version

RCDC will read the SRSS and ABS type load combinations available in STAAD. Load combination form would be like repeat load cases for SRSS & ABS load combinations

 Reinforcement detailing of Ductile Beam (clause 7.1.1 of IS 13920-2016 and of ACI 318M-2011 ) as per column size for IS and ACI code is available.

New module is added to RCDC for design of structures with tanks (liquid retaining structures). This is added as ‘Tech Preview’ feature. The design would be based on EN 02 - 2004 + EN 03 – 2006 UK code

To find out more about the features added in this release, refer the attached release note.

SACD(RCDC)_Release Note - 09.04.00