New Release of STAAD Foundation Advanced CONNECT Edition Version 9 - CONNECT Licensing Update 1

Update 1 to the CONNECT Licensing Edition of STAAD Foundation Advanced is now available. The build number of this update is

The principal enhancements in this release, as described in the Release Notes, are:

1. Design to the Chinese code GB50007-2011 of isolated footings with the stepped and tapered profile.

2. Improvements to the manner in which increments are handled for each iteration for the "Calculate Dimension" option for finding the optimum size of isolated footings to US and other codes.

3. Reduction in the time taken to determine the optimum footing size for isolated footings designed to the US code for large models - those involving numerous footings and load combinations.

3. Simplification and reduction in the number of steps involved in selection of piles and the subsequent design of the pilecap.

4. Inclusion of sketches in the calculation report showing the pile arrangement for pilecap designs.

5. Reporting of the gross soil bearing capacity against each load combination. Enables one to see the effect of bearing capacity modifiers on the individual load combination cases.

Additionally, various defects have been rectified in (a) the design of pedestals for isolated footings designed to the US code (b) PLANT foundations, and (c) other modules.

Details of these enhancements are explained in the What's New in CONNECT Edition 9.1 section of this update which can be accessed from the Help menu of the program.