New release STAAD Advanced Concrete Design (STAAD RCDC) V6.1

I am excited to announce that the latest version of STAAD Advanced Concrete Design is now available on the Fulfilment Centre. Version 6.1 delivers improved efficiency for designers with the enhancements in all the key areas of the program and the most significant being:-


  • Separation of permanent and reducible live loads.

  • Capability to create combinations from other combination cases.

  • Support of user defined steel and concrete grades.

  • Material and rebar lists as per UAE standards.


Column and Wall

  • Additional induced beam shear check to IS 13920.

  • Addition of reinforced concrete pedestal for steel superstructures.

  • Ductility joint checks for ACI and EN 1992 codes.

  • Optional setting for slenderness checks.

  • Option to set maximum design capacity ratio.

  • Redesign section enhanced with option to view P-M curve.

  • Enhanced complex geometry support for combined walls.

  • Reports enhanced in presentation and elevation.

  • Change from reference bars as bar numbers or bar diameters.

  • Improved display of link spacing in lapping zones.

  • Improved method for merging levels



  • Design of beams subject to bi-axial moments and axial forces.

  • Support of multiple stirrup sizes at a given section.



  • Support of footings with eccentric column locations.

  • Enhanced Eurocode design now supports Annex D.

  • Addition of pedestals in footing design.


Pile Cap

  • Addition of pedestals in pile cap design.


  • Improved detection of curved slab edges.

More details are provided in the attached PDF.