New Release STAAD.Pro V8i SS6 (

I am happy to announce that we have completed the publication of a new build of STAAD.Pro V8i SS6 which has addressed a number of issues that have been recorded in recent versions of the program. These issues are fully documented in the Revision History Document, but are in the following categories

  • The Analysis/Design Engine - 48 issues

  • The Pre-Processing Mode - 13 issues

  • The Post-Processing Mode - 2 issues

  • The RAM Connection Mode - 31 issues

  • The Editor, Viewer and Other Modules - 1 issue

  • OpenSTAAD - 1 issue

  • Documentation and Printing - 3 issues

  • Licensing / Security / Installation - 2 issues


Note that these items can be referenced directly from within the program by clicking on the ReadMe option in the Help menu and navigating to Revision History in the ReadMe documentation.

For full details of the issue, refer to the Revision History in the wiki site.