New Release STAAD.Pro V8i SS6 - CONNECT Enabled (

As you may well be aware, we here at Bentley has been undergoing a major initiative to implement an exciting new technology in which we can provide a better collaborative experience for individuals and organizations. This has been delivered as Bentley CONNECT and many products across Bentley have been rebuilt around that technology and are being released with the Bentley CONNECT branding. Whilst STAAD.Pro has not undergone the full transformation to become a CONNECTED application, we have implemented the key capability of including STAAD.Pro models with a CONNECTED project. So I am excited to say that On 1st October 2015 we will be publishing a new version of STAAD.Pro V8i SELECTseries 6, with Bentley CONNECT Enabled.   


Bentley CONNECT helps you produce better designs by facilitating collaboration, interoperability, standardization and skills development. For an organization and enterprise, CONNECT provides greater insight and control over project design, deliverables and the people working on them.



With a STAAD.Pro model in a CONNECTED Project, means that your team are better positioned to track the development and performance of a project.



Within STAAD.Pro you can access your CONNECTION center providing details of your projects, learning and your own Personal Share folder, a cloud based repository form iModels and PDFs created from a range of Bentley applications including the Structural Synchroniser.

For more information on the benefits of being CONNECTED for the individual and the organisation see here. CONNECT


Advanced Analysis Plus

The capabilities previously included in the STAAD Advanced Analysis module have been replaced by the STAAD Advanced Analysis Plus module.  This delivers all the capabilities in the older product which has been withdrawn, but is the basis upon which new advanced capabilities are being developed and will be delivered in the future.


Revision History

No additional features have been added to the program, however a number of issues found in the earlier releases and have been addressed. For details of the issues see the revision history document here.


  • We are in the middle of developing new Advanced Analysis capabilities that will benefit models which generate vast data though complex modelling and numerous load cases.  We will publish more details of the capabilities and benefits in due course.

  • The Advanced Analysis Plus license which uses the AG Math solver is the replacement for the Advanced Analysis Engine license which used the VKI solver. The Arnoldi Lanczos method of eigen solution, which is a very efficient method for solving large scale eigen problems, has been introduced in the new Advanced Analysis Plus license. The load dependent Ritz vector method, which is a very efficient method for extracting relevant modes in large models quickly, has also been added. There will be further improvement in terms of memory usage and efficiency in the near future.

  • Please expound a little bit on the Advanced Analysis Plus module.  Is it still the same analysis engine or different.  Is there a plan for what new capabilities will be delivered in the future?